Mazie Hirono bristles at ICE threat to deport her back to her homeland of Sweden

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Frequent Trump critic Sen. Mazie Hirono was incensed over a threat from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency this week to deport her back to Sweden.

Hirono, appearing on MSNBC, said she’s worked hard for years developing a persona as a native Hawaiian and would find it difficult, if not impossible, to reconnect with her Swedish roots.

“First of all, let me just say I think it’s an abomination for ICE to even bring this up publicly,” Hirono complained. “As far as most people know, I’m Hawaiian and always have been.

“But you know, that’s just par for the course for this administration,” she continued. “All they do is belittle, humiliate, and abuse people. There was absolutely no reason for ICE to take this public. We could have handled all of this in private.”

When contacted for comment, ICE officials said they were just doing their jobs and that Hirono, a.k.a. Svea Johansson, had visa issues she needed to clear up before they were forced to take action.

“I get that no one wants to go back to Stockholm this time of year when you could be in Honolulu instead,” said David Kaminer, field supervisor for ICE’s Washington office, “but you know, the rules are the rules and the law is the law.

“I would think that, as a senator — no matter where she’s really from — she’d understand that,” he continued.

At the White House, President Trump was coy about whether he had anything to do with the ICE action against Hirono.

“It’s cold in Stockholm this time of year, that I can tell you,” he said.

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