Survey: Americans rank ‘staying drunk all weekend’ and ‘PTA meetings’ more important than ‘climate change’

ATLANTA — Several 2020 Democratic presidential contenders are pushing plans to fight “climate change,” but a new survey from Gallup has found it’s not something most voters are concerned with.

According to the survey, released Tuesday, Americans’ No. 1 concern is the economy, a finding that certainly gives President Trump an advantage.

When told to list of the most important issues to them, voters listed ‘climate change’ at near the bottom.

“Getting and staying drunk all weekend,” came in high — No. 4 — followed by “Pornhub,” trying to guess who “The Masked Singer” is,” and “Attending PTA meetings.”

‘Climate change’ came in 67th, just ahead of “getting along better with relatives” and “watching more CNN.”

“The findings are pretty revealing,” said John Meadows, CEO of Gallup. “I mean, I personally don’t care to be conscious much on weekends, but heck, I thought maybe I was the only one.”

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