U.S. climate change elites do their part to contain coronavirus by taking private jets

BRUSSELS — Global elites here to advocate for massive new taxes on working, middle-class people around the world in order to finance climate change initiatives announced they are doing their part to stop the spread of coronavirus by shunning commercial travel.

Hans Roefling, the billionaire head of Megatech, the computing giant, told reporters that he and other elitists would once again be relying on their fleets of private jets to ensure they didn’t come in contact with commoners carrying the virus.

“We want to be seen as being part of the solution, not part of the problem,” Roefling said following the latest meeting of the World Climate Crisis Conference, or WCCC.

U.S. actor Leonardo DiCaprio, a leading voice for climate change action, in town for the WCCC, said he was more than willing to rely on his private jet for travel because he believes that ordinary Americans who pay for his lifestyle with movie ticket purchases are responsible for spreading the disease to poorer countries, an act he called “selfish” and “racist.”

“Look, we have to do something positive to stop the spread of this deadly virus,” he said as he headed to a waiting limo enroute ahead of his departure back to Los Angeles. “And honestly, if regular people could afford to travel like I can, they would do their part to halt the coronavirus too.

“I just believe that,” DiCaprio continued.

Other elites agreed.

“I’m for sure doing my part,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a 2020 Democratic presidential contender, said. “I travel commercial all the time, so flying in a private jet is a big sacrifice for me.”

Asked about the greenhouse gas implications for the future of the planet, Warren said, “Would you rather I helped spread coronavirus?”

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