Bernie Sanders releases “Make Venezuela Great Again” hats in rip-off of Trump design

Sanders campaign getting early start on stealing from the American people

Socialist Bernie Sanders faces criticism after his latest campaign product was released – a “Make Venezuela Great Again” (MVGA)hat in red, using President Donald Trump’s slogan idea of “Make America Great Again.” This is an obvious trolling effort by the socialist and his campaign, but it came backlash as expected.

By design, the MVGA hat uses Trump’s “MAGA” acronymp, but it says MVGA and the V is actually an A that is upside down with the slash removed. The hats appear to be made in Russia, because Chinese factories are on lock-down amid the corona-virus epidemic and paying Americans simply cost too much, especially if the women ask for an equal paycheck, according to Sanders’ campaign manager.

The hats are a beautiful red color with various white used for the “MVGA” slogan and come in a one-size-fits most. The hat is suitable for all 58 genders previously identified by leading genderologists. Several minorities expressed concern over using white fabric, suggesting it might not be fully inclusive to all races if the fabric is only two colors.

A spokesperson for Trump’s campaign was unhappy, yet not surprised, when she said, “yeah, it’s clearly Photoshopped.”

When Bernie Sanders was asked about the use of Trump’s hat design and slogan, during his latest campaign, Sanders said “I’m a socialist, what did you expect? I see a design, I like the design, I use the design. Now it’s mine.”

Another Democratic candidate for president, Joe Biden, gave his input on the hat. He stated, “Come on man, that’s just silly. Beefcake tourniquet ice cream corn pop,” then asked what state he was in and left on his “No Malarkey” tour bus.

Congresswoman and head voice of The Squad, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  chimed in on Twitter, saying that she’s not sure how much it costs to buy a hat, but you should “just pay for it.” She then proposed a tax on “the wealthy” to pay for providing all Americans with one.

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