National Badminton League cancels season due to coronavirus, tens of fans upset

ST. LOUIS — Officials with the National Badminton League announced this week they would be canceling their upcoming season, leaving tens of fans distraught.

“We thought long and hard about this, but because of coronavirus, we really think this is the best thing to do from a public health standpoint,” NBL chairman Ross Whitman told sports reporters.

“It’s really out of an abundance of caution,” he continued. “Sometimes we get 35, 40 people show up for a game, and you know, even if one of those fans has the virus, it puts everyone else at risk.

“The players don’t want to be exposed, either,” Whitman said. “They already face a tough 10-game schedule every season, plus a couple playoff games for the best teams. So as the season wears on, their immune systems grow weaker and frankly, they just don’t want to take the chance.

“Fans will just have to understand,” said the NBL chairman. “I know I’m personally devastated by the loss of an entire season, but ESPN 8 will just have to air reruns of last season, or maybe substitute some corn hole tournaments instead. Those are fun.”

Whitman said if the virus outbreak stretches deeper into 2020, “we might have to consider canceling the 2021 season too.”

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