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Company HR reps fielding more sexual harassment calls from wives whose husbands forced to work at home

U.S. — The head of a group of human resources professionals says now that more husbands are working at home thanks to the coronavirus, calls reporting from wives reporting incidents of sexual harassment are “skyrocketing.”

“I would say this is just one of those unexpected things that happens in an emergency but really there’s no excuse for the behavior of husbands who are supposed to be focused on their jobs,” said Sheila Rogers, president of the Human Resources Organization said.

“In this #MeToo movement, even wives should be free from being sexually harassed and intimidated by husbands who can’t keep their hands on their keyboards,” Rogers continued. “It’s a problem, but unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.”

Scores of hubbies are now working from home after their companies ceased office operations until the virus blows over. But that’s not making wives very happy.

One of them is Celia Emslander of Denver. She said she filed a sexual harassment complaint earlier this week because her husband “hasn’t had time for much of anything except grabbing my rear end.”

“I am a stay-at-home housewife and that home of ours is my workplace,” said Emslander. “I don’t come to his office and harass him! And now that he’s home for a while, I damn sure don’t expect him to be harassing me. This kind of behavior has GOT to stop!”

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