MSNBC fires host for praising Trump, claiming he broke ‘company policy’

NEW YORK — Angry over his sparse praise of President Trump, MSNBC brass revealed today that was the real reason they got rid of longtime host Chris Matthews, citing a massive violation of “company policy.”

“Yeah, we put out that ‘sexual harassment’ story to cover for why Matthews was really canned,” one network insider, who wished to remain anonymous, told us.

“And the thing is, Chris knew better than anyone else what the company’s policy is: You. Just. Never. Praise. Trump,” the insider said.

A couple days before he was let go, Matthews had the “temerity” say that the president “kinda, sorta was doing a few things good” in responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

“That’s heresy here,” the insider told us. “Flat-out. It’s a violation of one of our founding rules in the Age of Trump: Never give the man any credit for anything, even when he’s making good decisions and the country is much better off for it.

“In fact, our standing policy is to not only never praise Trump but to bring on guests who call him names like ‘racist,’ ‘bigot,’ and ‘homophobe’ at the most tone-deaf, inappropriate times because we know that our thousands of regular viewers just love that stuff,” the insider continued.

Asked whether the network is concerned about Matthews being able to find work now, the insider turned cold.

“To hell with him. He should have thought of that before he praised the guy!” the insider said.

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