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Baby born in Walmart toilet paper aisle immediately goes missing amid crush of panic buying

SPRINGFIELD, MO. — A woman who had her baby in a busy Walmart toilet paper aisle this week was distraught after the newborn was swept up in a wave of coronavirus panic buying.

Though the woman has since gotten her baby back unharmed, she was nevertheless shocked and surprised that she was caught up in the melee.

“These stockboys were coming out with boxes and boxes of new toilet paper bundles to restock the shelves but they couldn’t get them put up fast enough,” said Cindy Walker, cuddling her newborn in her bosom as spoke.

“It was like nothing I’ve ever seen,” Walker continued. “There I was, spread out in all my glory, and out comes little Cecilia but before I could even take her from the paramedics she was gone!

“I could hear her little squeaky cry fading into the distance amid a stampede of panic buyers, but I couldn’t do anything about it,” Walker continued. “The scene was so chaotic.”

The TP sold out in record time, according to store officials. And the baby was returned almost immediately by an unnamed female customer who apologized for the mistake but complained that she could’ve grabbed another package were it not for mistakenly scooping up the newborn instead.

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