Biden observes that people who’ve never gotten coronavirus before are getting it now

VERMONT — During his daily virus update briefing, presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden reminded viewers that everyone who is now getting the new COVID-19 virus has never had it before.

“I don’t want anyone taking this Luhan virus thing lightly,” the former VP cautioned. “Just because you’ve never had it in the past doesn’t mean you can’t get it now. People ought to know that and I don’t think the current administration is getting that message out.”

Asked how a Biden administration would respond so that Americans were protected from the virus, the presumptive nominee said he had no idea, but that “my plan would be better than Trump’s.”

“Listen, I’ll support whatever plan the guy — or gal — behind the scenes who will really be running my administration proposes because I think that’s the best way forward,” Biden continued. “The Trump White House has obviously failed.

“People all over the country who’ve never seen this virus before are now getting it. What kind of president lets that happen? It’s sick, that’s what it is, sick. And after my shadow government is elected in August, we’re gonna fix this,” he continued.

Reminded that the election is in November, Biden dismissed the statement.

“That’s not important. What matters is warning people they could catch something they’ve never caught before.”

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  1. This clown may be the front runner but what is important is who is nominated for VP. The Left knows Biden won’t make it thru his term.

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