Woman narrowly escapes as COVID-19 morphs into massive single cell that consumes head of police officer

NEW DELHI — A young woman barely got away from a new strain of coronavirus as she witnessed it morph into a huge mass of cells that consumed a police officer’s head.

“It was the most disturbing, frightful thing I’ve ever seen,” Anaya Jayapal said. “I thought I was going to die. It all happened so very fast. I still cannot believe I managed to escape.

“The officer was coming up to my window to tell me something after flagging me down, but I do not know what he was trying to say,” Jayapal continued. “His head was suddenly consumed by this virus-looking substance that poured out of his ears and then consumed his head. It was grotesque.”

Asked if she thought that perhaps the officer, whose whereabouts at this time are unknown, was coming to warn her, Jayapal shrugged.

“I wish I knew, but I simply do not,” she said. “I suppose that’s possible. But I’m not sure. I just feel so badly for him. It had to be painful, horrible. And now, of course, throughout India and the world, we likely have a new version of the virus to worry about, one that appears to be far more aggressive, and very, very large.”

Indian health officials have not commented on the mutation of the virus but instead are warning citizens to stay away from big blobs of goo with horns sticking out of them that they are now more likely to encounter.

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