U.S. health experts believe coronavirus will burn out soon because it was ‘Made in China’

ATLANTA — Health experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expressed a belief that the Wuhan coronavirus would soon evaporate due to China’s historical inability to produce quality goods.

“I know what we’re seeing now around the world, but look, this is a Chinese virus, and everyone here knows that if it’s got a ‘Made in China’ label, it’s not going to last long” Dr. Henrietta Malcolm, chief infectious disease expert, said.

“That’s not a cut-down or an insult, mind you, just a statement of fact,” Malcolm continued. “I can bring you several examples of so-called ‘Chinese craftsmanship’ to prove my point.

“But then again, it’s always been this way: You get what you pay for,” the scientist continued. “I’m sure there was some low-quality effort put into creating this virus, using whatever animals, bats, etc., were available to them. No real effort made to create a quality virus that has a lot of staying power.”

Asked how long she thought the outbreak would persist, Malcolm said it was hard to predict.

“But that said, I can’t see it lasting much longer at all. It’s a quality control issue at this point,” she added. “And the quality hasn’t been there. I mean, just look at all the people who aren’t even having symptoms. Come on, China, that’s the best you can do?”

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