Trump angers media after halting daily virus press briefings like they’ve been demanding

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) President Trump has angered the mainstream media after he abruptly ended daily coronavirus press briefings, which is exactly what they demanded he do just days ago.

“These briefings are of no value to the American public, so I’m ending them, this I can tell you,” the president said. “All I get are hostile questions, nothing of value, and besides, the fake news media wanted me shut down anyway, so I’m granting their wish.”

That didn’t sit well with the media, however.

“He can’t do that,” an exasperated Jim Acosta of CNN claimed. “He has an obligation to stand up before us on a daily basis and allow us to harangue and harass him with pointless, inane questions that have no informational value whatsoever. That’s the First Amendment right there.”

“I know we wanted the president taken off the air a couple of weeks ago, but that was because his approval ratings were rising and we didn’t want to help him,” said MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. “I mean, our job isn’t to inform anyone about what’s really going on with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s to lob ‘gotcha’ questions at Trump. Everyone knows that.

“So for him to deny us the opportunity on a daily basis to do that, it’s just unconscionable,” she continued. “Who does he think he is?”

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