Trump seen riding dirt bike at White House: “I feel great after a few days in Walter Reed”

By Frank Bojazzi/Crankers

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump was recently released from Walter Reed after spending a few days being treated for Covid-19. He returned to the White House and got back to his usual routine of working for the American people (first, no one else, especially China), and triggering liberal haters with rapid fire tweet-storms.

When the President was feeling gnarly, after taking who knows what treatments, he hopped on a borrowed dirt bike and tracked a few laps around the property, performing at least one wheelie for a span of 30 yards like the kids in the hood, and just so happened to be caught on camera in the process.

When asked about it, he said “you know, it has great tires, they make the best tires. They have all the tires. As for me, I feel great, greater than 20 years ago, and the media is gonna eat it up. They’ll eat it up I tell ya, every last bit of them, never anything nice to say about me. It’s always bad. I can’t even take a lap on my borrowed dirt bike. You know why I borrowed it? Do ya? It’s because that’s what friends are for. But you know me, I don’t have any friends in the media. They’re all out to get me. In fact, they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way.”

His trip to Walter Reed seems to have gone well, but not everyone agrees. A boring blogger, who has a sandwich as a last name, suggested that Walter Reed be defunded after what happened, but after seeing Trump on a dirt bike, then maybe they need to be double funded.

Jennifer Rubin defund Walter Reed

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