Biden appointing czar to study minimum wage increase long enough for issue to go finally go away

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After the Senate parliamentarian scrapped the $15-an-hour minimum wage increase from the House-passed COVID-19 bill, President Biden announced he remains committed to it and will now appoint a “Wage Czar” to study the issue.

“The president says he wants to get this done for the people,” Whise House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Wednesday, “but he knows he really can’t. So the next best thing is to appoint this czar to look into the issue long enough for us keep Americans hanging on to the possibility it might actually happen long enough to get re-elected.”

“That’s how Washington has always worked and we’re not going to rock that boat, unlike the previous administration that operated on the silly noting of keeping campaign promises,” she continued. “There’s been far too much of that and frankly, too many Americans have now come to expect it.”

The administration did not have many details about who the czar might be or when he or she might wrap up their work and submit a recommendation about how to potentially move forward with a wage increase at some point in the future.

But, said Psaki, it won’t be anytime soon.

“The president is adamant that he’s going to do the absolute best to give the appearance that he’s he’s really trying to push this through,” Psaki said.

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