Fauci worried reopening states will remind too many Americans they’re supposed to be free

WASHINGTON D.C. — Biden administration officials are worried that states like Texas, Mississippi, and others reopening their economies and ditching COVID-19 restrictions will lead to a mass awakening among far too many Americans that they actually live in a free country.

“We’d like everyone to know that we’re concerned not only for Americans’ safety, but also about losing control over them,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to the administration.

“Ideally, we would like to keep people locked down for many more months as the virus remains with us, even ordering double- and triple-masking and preventing people from going anywhere without a vaccine pass, because the science indicates that is what is needed to maintain our control,” Fauci continued.

“These states that are reopening are reminding more and more Americans that this is really a free country and that they have basic liberties guaranteed to them by the Constitution, and that is a problem, yes,” he added.

In addition to ending mask mandates, several states are allowing businesses to reopen unrestricted, churches to operate at capacity, sporting and concert venues to begin scheduling events, and schools to provide in-person education.

“Those are all things that we just really can’t go back to if we’re ever going to defeat this virus,” Fauci said.

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