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Missouri officials adopt ‘green’ heating solution for Capitol building using giant roll of food wrap

JEFFERSON CITY — In an effort to cut energy costs, Missouri officials have decided to shroud the state Capitol building in a giant roll of food wrap.

As energy costs have continued to rise in recent years, Missouri legislators and officials have been looking for new and innovative ways to save money.

When the giant food wrap idea was first proposed by a local environmental group, officials scoffed at the idea. But eventually it caught on when other suggestions like tax increases to cover the added expense or simply turning down the thermostat this winter didn’t gain traction.

“I have to admit, I was kind of a skeptic when I first heard the idea,” said Gov. Mike Parson. “But after my people laid out the design and we looked at the costs of getting the Capitol wrapped versus what we would save, I gave the go-ahead.”

Missouri residents seem to be in favor of the plan.

“Heck, I would’ve never thought of anything like that,” Clem Pickens, a local farmer and resident of nearby Linn, Mo., said. “That there is just the kind of thinkin’ we want in our public officials.”

Another local, Sheila Dansburg of Jefferson City, said the new wrap even gave the Missouri Capitol a very unique look.

“I get that it’s more efficient, and I’m certainly in favor of saving taxpayer money,” she said, glancing up at the wrapped dome. “But I think it’s kinda pretty, too.”

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