Canadian cops say goat stuck in fence emulated crying human child to get attention

OTTAWA — Canadian police responding to a call of a crying child were surprised when they arrived to find a goat with his head stuck in a fence.

Police say a local resident called them early in the evening January 27 to report that a child was crying loudly in a wooded area north of his property.

But when they arrived, no child could be found and the crying was no longer audible.

Upon investigation, police say they eventually spoke to a neighbor who told them that his goat had gotten his head stuck in his fence a few hours earlier and was indeed crying, but that the animal does it all the time when he gets lonely.

“You know, he’s the only goat I have and his friends don’t come over that often,” Jules Snyder, a local farmer, says he told police.

“He just does this from time to time to get some attention,” Snyder continued. “I usually don’t leave him alone that much but I’ve been really busy lately, and I’m sorry about that.”

Snyder promised he would make more time for the animal in the future so he doesn’t pull the stunt again and alarm his neighbors.

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