After Iowa glitch, DNC moves to simply anoint its presidential nominee from now on

Following widespread problems with a voting app in the nation’s opening presidential caucuses in Iowa, embarrassed Democratic National Committee officials declared Wednesday they want to just name party nominees from here on out.

“All of this voting, this ‘democracy,’ it really is a messy thing,” said DNC official Sarah Klinesmith.

“And frankly, it’s outdated,” she continued. “It worked okay for our founders, but times have changed and even they didn’t trust voters because they made an electoral college.”

Democratic Party leaders became frustrated earlier this week after a voting app designed by party insiders with the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigns failed.

Klinesmith and others pointed to the way the party ignored the will of Democratic voters in 2016 to “anoint” Clinton as the preferred candidate over interloper Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“He’s a commie and everyone knows it,” Klinesmith said of Sanders, who has been leading again in 2020 polls.

“He’s not even a real Democrat,” she continued. “If we don’t want him, why should we have to support him?”

Joel Steinberg, head of the DNC’s delegate selection committee, echoed Klinesmith’s frustration and agreed that if party leaders wanted to ignore voters, they should be able to because it’s their party.

“Who are voters to tell us who we can and can’t have as our presidential nominee?” Steinberg told reporters Wednesday ahead of the full Iowa results being released.

“This party belongs to us, the insiders, not to voters who don’t know what they want or what’s best for them,” he added.

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