Laura Ingraham preparing to run for Mitt Romney’s Senate seat by actually stabbing people in the back

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fox News host and personality Laura Ingraham said on her Wednesday night program that she would run for Sen. Mitt Romney’s seat after he was the only Republican who voted to convict President Trump, and that she would prepare by actually stabbing people in the back.

Ingraham, in a diatribe against Romney to open her show, called Romney, of Utah, “selfish” and “preening.”

“Utah’s junior senator reminded us of why he couldn’t connect with most regular, working-class people,” Ingraham said in the opening monologue of her primetime show. “They don’t like politicians who claim to be holier than thou when they’re really just sticking a shiv in your back.”

Ingraham also noted that when Romney comes up for reelection in 2024, she planned to run against him. But in order to ensure a seamless transition, she said she’d be preparing to replace the former Massachusetts governor by actually sticking shivs into people’s backs.

“It’s really the right thing to do,” Ingraham said after her show of her decision to run.

“I think you have to give the people what they want, right?” she continued. “So I wouldn’t turn your back on me anytime soon. You know what might happen.”

Ingraham then said she was merely joking.

“I couldn’t do that to the people I was representing,” she said. “And frankly, I could never be as good at it as him.”

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