Federal court rules Trump must rent out rooms in the White House instead of having foreigners stay in his hotels

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Ever since President Trump came into office, he’s never kept a single dime in salary, having donated each paycheck to a federal agency. That’s unprecedented, but as a billionaire businessman prior to running for office, Trump told Americans he wasn’t doing this for the money.

Democrats don’t like it when anyone but them makes money, so they took the president to court and claimed that he was being paid “emoluments” by kings and foreign powers and such because they were actually charged for the Trump hotel rooms they stayed in.

Seems like a federal court agrees.

A three-judge panel ruled on Friday that instead of putting himself in the position of possibly violating the Constitution’s ’emoluments clause,’ Trump must must rent foreign dignitaries and leaders a room in the White House and call them ‘campaign donors.’

The three-judge panel held up the precedent set by President Clinton in the 1990s, in which hundreds of campaign pals, hangers-on, leeches, power seekers, and Chinese spies paid millions to his 1992 and 1996 campaigns, in exchange for a night in the White House eating Hillary’s cooking.

Following the ruling, former President Clinton remarked that he never had sex “with that woman, Monica Lewinsky, in any of the White House rooms,” but that “some of those ‘donors’ sure did get off cheap.”

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