House moves to impeach 63 million Trump voters for their unwavering support

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Frustrated by their inability to remove President Trump from office via impeachment, top Democrats said Friday they will try another tactic to get him out of office: Impeach the 63 million voters who elected him in 2016 and continue to support him.

“Trump is a threat to America,” former House impeachment co-manager Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said. “But he has been enabled by tens of millions of Americans who simply can’t figure that out. So it’s become clear to us that they are the ones who have to go.”

Getting rid of the president’s voters, added Rep. Adam Schiff, another co-manager, is a sure-fire way to get the man out of the White House.

“The only way to truly defend democracy is to destroy it, even if just for a little while, just until we get back into power” Schiff told reporters outside his congressional office. “Unlike Trump, voters can trust Democrats to give them back their power once they vote for us.”

The two lawmakers weren’t clear on how they would proceed with 63 million separate impeachments or even if the Constitution permitted voters to be impeached and removed from the country.

One constitutional expert, Lem Hitchens, said it’s possible, though.

“The Constitution doesn’t say you can’t impeach citizens, does it?” he said. “I think these two are onto something.”

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