Obama miffed Trump didn’t award him Medal of Freedom after trying to save him from hassle of being president

CHICAGO — Former President Barack Obama on Friday voiced his displeasure at having been passed over for a Medal of Freedom by his predecessor after doing everything he could to keep Trump out of the White House and save him the headaches of being leader of the free world.

“I launched ‘Spygate,’ I authorized FBI Director Comey to leak damaging information on Donald Trump, I empowered my entire intelligence community to come up with a fake dossier,” Obama said from the site of his new presidential library, which is still mired in litigation.

“I did everything I could to try to spare him the hassles of the presidency, what with all the petty politics and the inability to ever be able to drive my own car again, and what did it get me?” Obama asked.

“I tried to give The Donald freedom, but he gave a Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh instead,” said the former president. “How’s that for gratitude?”

“What did that guy ever do to keep Trump out of the White House? Nothin’,” Obama noted further. “There is nothing more liberating than not being president. How can he not thank me properly?”

Reached for comment, Trump said he understood Obama’s frustration and would take it under advisement.

“Obama could have tried harder to deny me the presidency and the hassles of this job, that I can tell you,” Trump said.

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  1. Fools. Obama’s NARCISSISM is serious. He wanted to become the newly created post of World King.

  2. We will just add this to obama ” the small’s ” unending list of fails. It is HIS legacy, The FAIL WHALE sits on his face.

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