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Escaped cows in Texas captured trying to hijack flight to Ottawa

AUSTIN — Police managed to thwart an unusual hijacking attempt on Sunday when they managed to corner a group of cows that had escaped from a local farm and were believed to be headed to Ottawa.

The group of cows had escaped from a local Texas range about 12 hours earlier, but ranch owner Ted Gibbons told authorities he had no idea where the missing bovines were headed.

Travelers at Gate 27B on Concourse C noted the small group of cows sneaking up to a parked airliner in a sinister manner when one of them called police. The Austin PD dispatched a SWAT team to take down the cow gang, which was caught on video (see picture above).

Asked about the alleged caper, airport superintendent Judd Smithton had to remark that in his 27 years in the airline business, he’d never seen anything like it.

“We had a some wild horses, some mustangs, get onto airport grounds several years ago who attempted to commandeer a small propeller plane, but I’ve never seen farm animals try anything as brazen as this,” he told local reporters.

Police Lt. Timothy J. Schwind said the cattle were currently being questioned but that they weren’t divulging many details.

“Only thing we can tell you is that they were planning to hijack the airliner and demand it be flown to Ottawa,” he said. “You know, we don’t have a cattle extradition agreement with that Canadian province.”

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