Liz Warren asks Michael Bloomberg for enough money to at least buy the vice presidency

NASHUA, N.H. — Resigned to the fact that she’s not going to be the 2020 Democratic nominee, Sen. Elizabeth Warren shunned her disdain for money in politics on Sunday ahead of this state’s primaries and asked billionaire presidential competitor Michael Bloomberg for enough money to purchase the vice presidency.

“You know, this isn’t something I normally do and this is so out of character for me,” Warren told reporters ahead of the primary voting this week. “But the fate of the country is too important to leave to President Trump or these other Democrats.

“I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do to win,” the Massachusetts Democrat continued. “The Native American thing didn’t work out so well, and neither did that beer-drinking kitchen stunt at the beginning of my campaign. After Michael got into the race and after seeing Trump essentially by the 2016 election, I figured if I can’t beat them, I’d join them.”

Asked why she didn’t appeal to long-shot billionaire Tom Steyer instead and simply go for the big prize, the White House, Warren said she needed to be realistic.

“Yeah, Tom? Bless his heart,” Warren said. “He’s the only one who thinks he’s going to win.”

Asked what she’d do with the vice presidency if she successfully purchased it, Warren smiled wryly and simply said, “2024, baby. 2024.”

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