House impeachment managers angry over missing Oscar nod for ‘Best Political Fiction’

LOS ANGELES — Amid the glitz and glitter of the 92nd Annual Academy Awards show Sunday, House Democratic impeachment managers lamented that they didn’t win the coveted “Best Political Fiction” category.

“Thought we were a shoo-in this year,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) tweeted after the award was given to his California colleague, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who won for her ongoing claim that Democrats were going to win the presidency this year,

“I would have to agree, my friend,” co-manager Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) responded on the social media platform. “I thought our impeachment of @POTUS was a lock for this year’s award.”

Last year’s winner, former special counsel Robert Mueller, told reporters by phone that he never really thought the impeachment narrative had much of a chance.

“I mean, with me, it was the fake Russian dossier that sold the Academy on the award,” Mueller said. “Pelosi obviously wanted the award this year, so she really went out on a limb to make that prediction.

“Hell, they couldn’t even convict!” Mueller, a former federal prosecutor and head of the FBI, said of the House managers. “So I don’t know how they thought they could cob an Oscar.

“Impeachment, schmeachment. Never go to court unless you know you can win,” he added.

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