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Trump announces plan to wall off California: ‘They don’t like the rest of us anyway!’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fresh off reports that Democrats in California are planning to pass legislation preventing state workers from staying in his hotels, President Trump on Monday shrugged it off with a startling announcement.

“Those Democrats in California have been out-of-their-minds mad at me since I beat Crooked Hillary in 2016, that I can tell you,” the president told reporters at the White House. “So now they don’t want to let their state workers stay in my hotels? It’s spite, pure spite. That’s all it is. Nothing but spite.”

Trump then said in a few months the new Trump hotel ban wouldn’t matter because it will be much harder for Californians to leave the state anyway.

“I’ve ordered the building of a big, beautiful wall all along the border with California,” the president said. “We’ve got the infrastructure in place. We have the money. We’re just gonna build it.”

Asked how the president would finance additional wall construction all along the length of the Golden State, Trump said, “Doesn’t matter. California is going to pay for it.”

“Look, it’s obvious, California doesn’t like the rest of us anyway! They are always complaining about the country they are a part of,” said the president. “Well, I’m gonna fix that for them. You want out? You’re out!”

The White House had no information on when the California Border Wall Project would be completed, but the president noted, “Not soon enough.”

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