Trump declared winner New Hampshire Democratic primary

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Buoyed by a record-breaking turnout of Republican voters, President Donald Trump has been declared the winner of the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

While Sen. Bernie Sanders is claiming he actually won the contest by a slight margin over Pete Buttigieg, Democratic Party officials in the state had to concede the contest to Trump instead.

“I get it, Bernie feels like he’s being screwed again, and frankly, I can’t disagree,” Charles Watkins, head of the Granite State’s Democrats said Wednesday after more than 95 percent of precincts reported.

“But look, there’s no way we can award the Democratic delegates to anyone but the president because his voters just kicked our butts,” Watkins continued.

“Hell, I just got off the phone with one precinct captain who said the polls closed eight hours ago but there are still so many Trump voters in line waiting to cast ballots,” he said. “I told the precinct captain, ‘You tell those people to go home, it’s over!’ But they won’t leave!”

Some analysts are already projecting that Trump’s reelection momentum is so strong he could become the first presidential contender in history to win both party’s nominations.

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