Insider at CNN admits network’s goal is to establish minimum number of viewers to remain viable

ATLANTA — An insider at CNN has admitted that the network isn’t really trying to attract viewers anymore but rather try to figure out the minimum number needed to remain financially viable and still stay on the air.

For years, the once-commanding Cable New Network led all others in viewers but in recent years, editors decided it would be fun to tank viewership just to find out how low CNN can go and still remain on the air.

“It started out as just a funny concept but then grew into a real, live research project,” the insider said. “Before long, network bosses figured out the quickest way to the bottom was to bash President Trump’s 24/7/365.

“That, and purchase the rights to be the sole network in airports,” the insider continued. “We all know people sitting at their gate in their terminal waiting for flights don’t watch muted news programming playing on a TV screen that’s too damned small to see.”

The negative Trump coverage, however, was key to tanking viewership though, the network insider claimed.

“The goal now is to see how low viewership can go before we have to start giving away advertising time,” the insider said. “I don’t know what that number is, but we’re getting close to it now, viewership has tanked so badly.”

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