Democrats to impeach Surgeon General over ‘painful’ legacy of cold patient rooms

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Democrats on Friday vowed to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice Adm. Jerome M. Adams, M.D., the U.S. Surgeon General, for failing to address what they claim is the “painful legacy” of chilly waiting rooms.

The inquiry is being led by veteran impeachment manager Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), who said he’s been chomping at the bit for months to get the process started.

“Admiral Adams may be a fine man, but tens of millions of Americans are suffering needlessly every year waiting for their doctors in unusually, unnecessarily cold patient rooms,” Nadler told reporters on Capitol Hill.

“Come on, admit it, we’ve all been there,” he continued as reporters, one by one, all nodded in agreement. “Admiral Adams is responsible now because on his watch, he’s done nothing to mandate changes.

“What would have been wrong with making doctors put those little heater thingies in patient rooms? Or turning up the damn heat a degree or two?” Nadler said. “Is it too much to ban the use of those thin paper gowns they make you wear that don’t really cover anything?”

Nadler said he wasn’t sure if the House would return impeachment articles against the surgeon general, but he was encouraged by the fact that Democrats pushed through a ‘sense of the House’ resolution last week stating that Americans’ have a constitutional right to a warmer room.

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