Bloomberg vows to spend ‘whatever it takes’ to buy entire U.S. government

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Billionaire media mogul and 2020 Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg vowed on Sunday to spend “whatever it takes” to buy every single office within the federal government.

Originally, Bloomberg committed only enough of his empire to defeat President Donald Trump, but after getting a taste of newfound power and national exposure, he has decided “to go for it all.”

“I’m not a big guy but I’ve got great big ambition and an ego to match,” Bloomberg told reporters here ahead of the South Carolina primaries.

“Trump is a piker compared to me,” he continued. “He only pledged enough of his fortune to buy the White House. But I’ve got lots more money so I’m going for the gusto. I want it all or nothing.

“People can vote for whomever the want, but you can’t out-vote my fat wallet.”

Asked about rumors that he has secured Hillary Clinton to be his running mate, Bloomberg demurred.

“You know, I’ve heard those reports,” he said. “But to be honest, if I wanted her to be VP, it wouldn’t take more than a couple million bucks to her and Bill’s foundation. And that’s pocket change to me.”

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  1. the second amendment was written exactly to be a counter to people like Bloomberg doing things like buying out the government

  2. feel free to waste your money how ever you see fit….however, I am optimistic that there are not enough democrats and misguided or illiterate independents that will allow their vote to be bought that would allow Bloomberg to be elected….also, running against something vs for something won’t work, and he has nothing to run for….

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