Bloomberg barely makes height requirement for Dem debate in Nevada

LAS VEGAS — Former NYC mayor and rising 2020 Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg just barely managed to meet the height requirement for the coming debate here this week.

Political observers and analysts were not certain heading into this week of Bloomberg could bring enough stature to meet the strict rules of the contest, but his campaign said Tuesday he had made the cut.

“Mayor Bloomberg will indeed be appearing on stage with the other leading Democratic presidential contenders, and he looks forward to having a tall discussion of the issues,” said his Nevada campaign chief Ned Goldberg.

“The mayor has said all along this race is not about physical characteristics but about ideals and about how to get our country back from Donald Trump,” Goldberg added.

Critics of Bloomberg’s qualification accused him of using “heightening shoes,” which are against debate rules. But Goldberg pushed back on those claims, noting that the candidate would see that as discriminatory to vertically-challenged Americans.

Asked about President Trump’s characterization of Bloomberg as “Minnie Mike,” Goldberg waved it off.

“Trump is a heightist,” he said. “He proves that daily.”

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