Boy loses battle with schizophrenia after discovering WWE is fake

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — A local boy succumbed to his battle with schizophrenia after a thoughtless sixth grader at William Sherman Middle School, where he attended, told him that the WWE isn’t real.

School officials said that the boy, whose name was not revealed due to privacy concerns, has believed in the accuracy and “realness” of the WWE his entire life. They said he was “shattered” after the older boy told him the truth.

“The older boy said, ‘Dude, WWE is not real, what’s wrong with you? Everyone knows that!'” Principle Sal McCready said.

“Put yourself in the younger boy’s position,” McCready said. “You’ve watched those guys coming off the top rope, blasting each other with tables, chairs, forearm smashes, the People’s Elbow, the reverse half-nelsons.

“Of course that stuff would look real to a youngster! Heck, I was in my early 20s before someone told me it was all a mirage, a show,” he added.

Worse, McCready said, the younger boy had been suffering from a schizophrenia disorder anyway, making the truth-telling session even harder on him.

Asked what school officials plan to do in response to the incident, McCready said they plan to shield the young student from other kids, at least for the time being.

“The last thing we want him to find out, given his condition, is that the NFL Pro Bowl isn’t a real football game,” McCready added.

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