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Rod Blagojevich vows to share secrets of ‘great hair’ with Trump after pardon

CHICAGO — Fresh out of prison after being pardoned by President Trump, Rod Blagojevich vowed Wednesday to share his “great hair” secrets with the man who set him free.

Speaking to reporters outside his home, the former Illinois governor said the best way he can show his appreciation is by teaching the president how to make his remaining coif look fuller and more vibrant.

“Listen, my hair’s gotten a lot grayer since I went to prison, obviously, but look at it — I still have a very full head of hair, and really, it’s fabulous,” Blagojevich said.

“But back when I was a contestant on the president’s show, ‘The Apprentice,’ I got to know him very well before he fired me, and I can tell you his hair means everything to him,” the newly freed former governor said.

“When the wind catches Trump’s remaining hair just right, you can tell how thin it’s really gotten and how little substance there really is. I can help our president look better, make that hair look fuller, so he doesn’t have to worry about those sudden unexpected gusts,” Blagojevich continued.

Reached in Washington, the president said he would appreciate anything Blagojevich could do for him in the hair appearance area. But he added that was not part of his decision to commute the governor’s sentence.

“I appreciate Rod’s offer,” the president said, “but there was no hair ‘quid pro quo,’ that I can tell you.”

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