MSNBC grills Joe Biden with daunting question after debate: ‘How’d you get to be so wonderful?’

LAS VEGAS — Former Vice President Joe Biden was inundated with reporters following the debate here Wednesday and was forced to answer several challenging questions that seemed to have caught him off guard.

For instance, it became clear he wasn’t ready to answer several pertinent questions from MSNBC’s probing reporter, Jonathan Perkins, when the former VP balled up his fist and got rattled.

“Mr. Vice President,” Perkins pressed, “About your debate performance this evening, sir…how’d you get to be so wonderful?”

“What kind of question is that, you horse-faced pony soldier punk?” the former Vice vice president shot back.

“What I mean, sir, is, are you aware of just how beloved and fantastic you really are? Did you feel that tonight on the debate stage?” Perkins continued.

At that, Biden smiled, nodded his head, and brushed past the press gaggle into a waiting limo, obviously happy to have gotten through another tough question-and-answer session with top reporters.

Meanwhile, the other Democratic candidates also had to face some daunting questions. Sen. Elizabeth Warren was asked, “Does it bother you to know that voters who doubt your integrity are morons?” while another reporter asked Sen. Bernie Sanders, “Does it offend you when voters fail to see the logic in a millionaire socialist attacking wealth?”

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