U.S. ranked easiest country to break into, scoring higher than China, Cuba, Venezuela

NEW YORK York — A new global survey found that the U.S. is the easiest nation on earth to break into, and much more so than places like Cuba, China, and Venezuela.

The U.S. came in atop the annual World Pushover Index (WPI) for the 50th straight year, owing to the adoption decades ago of laws and policies which allow anyone with a hard luck story to exploit American generosity.

“The United States has been saying one thing for years and it is saying so again this year: ‘The gates are open, and we’re in no hurry to close them,'” said Javier Ramos, director of the WPI at Mexico City University. “Congratulations, America. You earned it.”

Meanwhile, Ramos said, countries like China continue to jealously guard their borders because “of racist, bigoted policies that favor Chinese people over everyone else.”

The same isn’t true for places like Cuba and Venezuela, Ramos noted, adding, “They don’t really have to worry about border enforcement because seriously, who wants to go to those countries anyway?”

Asked whether the U.S. is on pace for another WPI title in 2021, Ramos said he believes it’s already a lock.

“I mean, a border wall? Seriously? Who really thinks that’s going to work?” he said.

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