Employer study finds people who nap more at work get far less done

PUEBLO, Colo. — A new employer study commissioned by a corporate group seeking to squeeze more productivity out of their workforce found that people who nap more on the job get far less accomplished.

And while most business owners and factory supervisors generally believe in the importance of getting enough sleep, they really do prefer that workers do so on their own time, according to the results of the study by Gallup.

According to the year-long study, Gallup found that people who nap often miss deadlines far more frequently, produce fewer finished products, and create more animosity among workers who show up and actually put in a full day’s work.

On the positive side, workers who take frequent sleep breaks on the job make more per hour when compared to their output, have a better disposition than tired co-workers, and are almost always the first ones out the door at quitting time, Gallup found.

“The results of the study are clear,” said Gallup poll director Wallace Henry. “If employers want more out of their workers, then they’re simply going to have to keep them awake.”

But that’s easier said than done, the survey found.

As such, experts suggest cutting back work schedules to two days per week instead of the typical five-day work week for the same pay, reducing workdays to 90 minutes, and allowing employees to work from bed.

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