Mexico warns without more income from drug smuggling it will be forced to ‘go legit’

MEXICO CITY — The Mexican government warned Monday that drug smuggling has fallen so much because of President Trump’s border wall and other security measures to the point where officials are considering going legitimate.

“Look, it’s getting to the point where it’s just not paying anymore and I mean that literally,” Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, told reporters here.

“You can’t believe the amount of money it takes to buy off enough Mexican politicians and military leaders to look the other way,” AMLO continued. “Trump’s border measures have taken a, as he likes to say, yuuuuge toll on cartel profits.

“I’m not looking the other way anymore if it means me and my officials throughout the country aren’t getting full kickbacks,” AMLO said. “So we’ve got no other choice but to go legit.”

Asked what he expected the leaders of the cartels to do, AMLO said in a resigned tone, “Well, there’s always barber college.”

The Mexican leader did say he was anxious to try other forms of income such as actually building an economy by creating businesses and jobs, selling things his people make on the global market, inventing a stock exchange, and even “some typical stuff like, I don’t know, tourism, maybe.”

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