Overworked CNN fact-checkers demand pay raises they say company promised after Trump elected

ATLANTA — The head of CNN’s gargantuan staff of fact checkers said they are preparing to walk off the job if the company does not begin paying raises it promised shortly after President Trump won office.

Anticipating that CNN correspondents would become stricken with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and start filing unsourced, nonsensical stories that they simply wanted to be true, the network launched a hiring spree for an army of fact checkers.

But it quickly became obvious that despite dramatically increasing their number, CNN fact checkers were perpetually overwhelmed and could not keep up with demand.

Nevertheless, Jerry Baker, head of the CNN Fact Checkers Union Local 244, said the company still owes the money, regardless of whether staff can keep up filtering out the lies.

“President Trump is loathed by these people, and I get that,” Baker said in an interview. “It behooves CNN to manufacture as much propaganda as they can about the guy. But come on. There is a limit to the fake news one organization can generate. And there’s a limit to what my people can do.

“No one expected the amount of propaganda we would face. No one,” Baker continued. “We’re doing the best we can, but we are so behind the amount of BS that gets through to the public is staggering.

“Or maybe you would, judging by CNN’s tanking viewership,” he said.

CNN executives said they are working on the raises. Kim Stanley, head of personnel, said company officials will have to rely on the fact checking staff more than ever as the 2020 election cycle heats up and Trump runs for reelection.

“We’re aware there is virtually no way our correspondents and reporters are capable of being honest about this president,” Stanley said. “So, bottom line: Gotta pay those fact-checkers. Money is no object!”

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