Trump angers Democrats again after waking up alive

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Trump on Monday sent Democrats into orbit again by actually waking up alive.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters at the Capitol following an emergency meeting of her caucus that Trump’s will to live has now created a constitutional crisis.

“You know, it really would be better for the country if he didn’t do that every single morning,” the Democratic leader said. “It’s not that we wish the president ill, of course, far from it. We just want what we think is best for the country.”

“The president says he cares about the Constitution. Well, so do we. Waking up alive everyday and running the country is an insult to our founding document,” she continued.

Other Democrats agreed.

“I called for his impeachment right away,” said Rep. Maxine Waters, another California Democrat. “But whatever,” she continued, smiling wryly and shrugging her shoulders.

Asked if she felt it was a problem for former President Obama to wake up alive every morning he was in office, Pelosi dismissed the question.

“Are you serious? Are you serious?” she responded. “Obama was a way better president than Trump. There’s no comparison. You don’t compare a buffoon to a god king.”

Reached at Mar-a-Lago where he was spending a few days huddling with staff to plan his reelection, Trump said it was his intention to continuing waking up alive for as long as he lives.

“And really, I’m just doing that because I know it ticks Nancy off,” the president mused.

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