Pentagon dismisses concerns about new Chinese fighter because it’s ‘Made in China’

THE PENTAGON — The chairman of the Joint Chiefs on Staff on Tuesday dismissed concerns about a reported new high-tech stealth Chinese fighter that is supposed to be so much better than the American F-35 because it’s “made in China.”

“We’ve heard reports about this new Chinese warplane and understand the concerns,” said U.S. Army Gen. Mark Milley. “But I have to tell you, we’re not paying much attention to them.”

When asked why, Milley simply said, “Come on, guys. They’re made in China.”

Milley said if the planes were being made for the Chinese military by another country whose industrial focus wasn’t on designing and selling cheap knockoffs of other people’s stuff, he’d be concerned.

“The Chinese have a singular goal: Make a lot of stuff, sell it cheap at Walmart, and get paid. They don’t know didley squat about very complex things like, say, lamps, candle warmers, and washing machines,” Milley continued.

“And they’re gonna build fighter planes that rival ours? Gimme a break,” the Pentagon leader said. “Now, you try to match their Dollar General merchandise output, and then, mister, we’ve got a huge problem.”

Asked of the United States was planning to confront China in the near future, Milley said he follows orders, he doesn’t make policy.

“But if I were the guy in charge, I wouldn’t want to catch a cold over there,” he said.

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  1. The Americans thought the Japanese Zero was just a cheap wooden piece of junk also. They showed us…..

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