Air Force whistleblower says aliens who crashed at Roswell were ‘drunk’ and on an ‘intergalactic bender’

See, the truth IS out there

SHELBY, Mont. — A former Air Force research scientist-turned-whistleblower who was involved in UFO research in the 1980s is blowing the lid off what really happened at Roswell, N.M. in 1947, when an alien craft crashed in the desert.

Retired Lt. Col. Alvin Numera says that the United States was indeed visited by what he called “little green men in a space craft,” but that the circumstances involved in the extraterrestrial incident are not what most people think.

“These guys were drunk as a skunk,” Numera reveals for the first time. “They were wasted. That’s why they crashed, man. They couldn’t even see straight.”

Asked what it was the three small aliens with a greenish hue were consuming that made them so drunk, Numera said neither he nor his research team could make that determination.

“But I’ll tell you, it wasn’t from the local 7-11,” he said sternly.

There’s more, Numera said.

“We found evidence that led us to believe, with a great degree of certainty, that these boys were out on some intergalactic bender. Maybe one that lasted light years,” he said.

Numera wouldn’t say what ultimately happened to the alien crew, but he did say some of the technology from the craft was harvested and reverse-engineered, including the potent substance they were drinking.

“You heard of Mad Dog 2020? That’s all I’m gonna say,” Numera noted.

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