Court rules Trump can use swear words when responding to CNN’s Jim Acosta

Little Man Syndrome is real

ST. LOUIS — A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that when it comes to CNN’s Jim Acosta, President Trump is permitted to cuss and swear when he gets frustrated by the journalist’s inane and pointless questions.

Acosta took the president to court after Trump told him in no uncertain terms what part of his body he could kiss after a particularly tense exchange at the White House in December.

“This court is aware that when it’s his turn to ask a question, historically, Plaintiff makes it all about him and seeks a response from the president about things that are patently pointless or designed to elicit exactly the wording he got at the White House earlier,” said the 2-1 ruling from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge William Barley III.

“As such, we have no choice but to rule that whenever such situations arise in the future involving Plaintiff, the president is free to use whatever verbiage he deems appropriate in order to put Plaintiff back in his rightful place, well beneath the office of the Presidency,” Barley noted further.

Asked to comment on his way out of the courthouse, Acosta appeared on the verge of tears.

“He…that man…has no right to talk to me that way,” said the CNN correspondent. “I’m a person too!”

U.S. District Judge Amelia Carter, in a dissent, wrote that while it seemed clear Acosta deserves whatever treatment he gets from the president, she wrote that “Defendant would be just as effective if he used the word ‘butt’ instead.”

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  1. That CNN Jim what a sick and disgusting Excuse of a human.a total waste if human flesh. TRUMP 2020

  2. Acosta is about Acosta! He attacks out of
    nowhere ! A reporter can ask a question in good taste or not at all ! I thought everybody knew that!

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