Biden aide Symone Sanders expected to go in first round of NFL draft following ‘textbook’ tackle of protester

LOS ANGELES — Symone Sanders, a policy aide to leading Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden, greatly improved her chances of being a top pick in next month’s NFL draft after a textbook tackle of a protester who managed to get on stage the night of Super Tuesday.

In fact, according to NFL Network analysts and former players, it’s now very likely that Sanders is going to go high in the first round, and maybe even number one.

“You know, the Cincinnati Bengals with the first overall pick, they could use a lot of help on defense,” analyst Rich Eisen said Wednesday on-air after watching several clips of Sanders’ stellar takedown of someone complaining about milk or something.

“Ouch,” he added, wincing. “That’s gotta hurt. But look at that technique, huh?”

“I would have to agree,” added Bucky Brooks. “It’s all about technique, we all know that, and frankly, I can’t remember the last time I saw tackling that good, especially on the Bengals ‘D’. I can’t even imagine how she’s gonna tear up this league in 2020, and I say that knowing we have some top-notch offensive lines in this league.”

Eisen speculated that her draft stock went up immensely following the tackle. “Whereas she might have been a high second-rounder or low third-rounder, she’s definitely made it into the first round now and I wouldn’t be surprised if she went No. 1 overall. What we saw last night was that good.”

Asked what he thought about Sanders becoming the first woman player in the league, Brooks said, “Well, you know, this is a man’s league. They are grown men on that football field. But I think we’re onto something here.”

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