Romney jumps in 2020 presidential race, vows to become first woman president

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Sen. Mitt Romney threw his hat, er, wig, into the ring for the 2020 presidential nomination, vowing to become the “first woman president” after colleague Elizabeth Warren dropped out.

“You know, I hated to see my loyal friend and Bridge partner Liz Warren drop out because as a great leader, she certainly makes a good woman,” Romney told reporters. “But her loss, I guess, is my opportunity.”

Romney said since the first two times running for president as a man didn’t work out so well, he thought he actually stood a better chance running as a woman.

“I know there have been lots of people questioning my manhood lately, and frankly, they’ve been right to do so,” Romney continued. “I’ve been questioning it myself. I can’t seem to be a strong male leader, so I have failed the country and my constituents. I want to make it up to everyone by becoming a strong female leader.”

Asked what party he will run under, Romney demurred.

“Is there a ‘Strong American Woman Party?’ I think I could be their nominee this year if there is,” he stated. “I’ve got lots of experience, you know, running for president. But only as a man, I guess.”

Newly appointed Romney campaign manager Silas Green did say, however, that the candidate will have to figure out which bathroom to use while holding rallies.

Following Romney’s announcement, reports noted that Hillary Clinton was considering jumping into the race as well. She was quoted as saying she may run as a man, since she “wears the pantsuits in the Clinton family anyway.”

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  1. well Romney is after all one of the leading


    So I guess that qualifies him to run as a woman.

  2. {Rotondaron{: Well…..Now, what do we call him? “Mittsie”? He thinks this is all just a big joke? George…{ His Father}, is turning over in his grave! OK, “Mittsie”…..Stay in Utah, & everyone will be Glad!

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