AOC introduces bill calling for mandatory term limits after three botox treatments

NEW YORK CITY — Rep. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez has introduced a bill that implementing mandatory term limits for any lawmaker who has received three or more botox treatments.

Speaking to reporters, the fiery young congresswoman claimed that her legislation is long overdue because it has been obvious for decades that many lawmakers have served for way too long, and it shows.

“Have you gotten a good look at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lately?” she asked. “I mean, like, that stuff’s hideous. No offense to the Speaker, you know, but let’s face it, teeth or not, I’m a lot easier to look at. Did you catch me bustin’ moves at Boston U?”

AOC, as she likes to be called, noted it wasn’t just Pelosi but practically half of Congress who are hooked on botox procedures to make them look like they’re in their 60s and 70s instead of their 80s and 90s.

“When it is enough?” she asked rhetorically. “I mean, like, come on. If you have to inject yourself every six months to be sort of camera-friendly, what are voters supposed to think? They all, like, think you’re probably dead or something and you just don’t know it.

“It’s a credibility issue, man,” she continued. “If you need constant botox, let me just say, you’ve been in Congress long enough.”

Asked if she thought her botox term limit bill was “agist” and discriminatory, AOC sharply refuted the allegation.

“I’m a very discriminating person!” she exclaimed. “That’s why I introduced this legislation thingy. Turkey necks, sagging cheekbones, chronic crow’s feet and forehead worry lines are not attractive, like me. We have to clean up Congress! We have to look better in order to be better!”

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  1. They get Botox treatments to deal with the migraines they suffer from AOC’s stupidity.

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