FCC issues historic ban on ‘Brady Bunch’ reruns as part of ‘Make TV Great Again’ effort

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Federal Communications Commission voted this week to ban reruns of the 1970s family sitcom “The Brady Bunch” as part of the agency’s efforts to “Make TV Great Again” in the Trump era.

Noting that The Brady Bunch was never reflective of real life in America, FCC commission chief Ajit Pai said the ban is necessary “if we’re to bring some sort of credibility back to TV programming.”

“There is nothing about this program that is genuine, nothing that brings any real value to broadcasting,” Pai told reporters. “It’s simplistic. It’s unrealistic. It’s sappy. And frankly, it doesn’t rise to the level of contributing to the advancement of American culture through better broadcasting as, say, shows like ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ ‘F-Troop,’ and ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ does.”

Asked whether the commission’s decision was unanimous, Pai said, “Oh, yeah. Not even close. In fact, most commissioners were asking if they could twice for a ban.”

The effects will be immediate, the commission chief added. “Even one more day of having to ensure this god-awful program could do permanent damage to television. I’m really, really surprised programming lasted as long as it did once the show was, mercifully, canceled all those years ago.

“It should have stayed ‘canceled.’ It should have never come back. What were programmers thinking, when they could have brought back ‘Hee-Haw’ or ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ much sooner?” Pai said. “They even made a ‘Brady Bunch Movie.’ Disgusting.”

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