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New Jersey bans smoking everywhere in state except a single roadside rest stop on I-95

TRENTON — Lawmakers in New Jersey have decided to ban smoking everywhere in the state, save for a small, enclosed, self-ventilating room at a rest stop along I-95.

Gov. Phil Murphy said he realizes that there are a lot of smokers who live in New Jersey or pass through the state everyday, but he and lawmakers still believe they’re making every accommodation for the people still engaged in the habit.

“I mean, look, we could have just banned smoking altogether throughout the entire state,” Murphy was quoted as saying. “But we didn’t. We are trying to be reasonable here, and we think we have been. Imagine if we had cut that room in half, like the original legislation called for. Now that would have been a tight fit!”

Legislative leader Louis Greenwald had a different take.

“You know, I wasn’t in favor of this at all,” Greenwald said. “I mean, what’s the message we’re sending to our children? That it’s okay to smoke, as long as it’s in a tiny, little room? What’s that about?”

Asked what he’d rather see, Greenwald was adamant.

“I wanted to send smokers to Delaware,” he said.

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