Study finds men much more receptive to women’s ideas when they’re naked

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Researchers from the University of Missouri released a groundbreaking study this week indicating that men tend to accept ideas and suggestions much more often from women who are not wearing clothes.

Dr. Richard Speel, head of the Male Studies department, said his team found “definite, substantial links” between male acceptance of ideas from women who are butt naked.

“We found that the power of suggestion for non-clothed young females goes up by a factor of at least 10 when it comes to convincing young men,” Speel said. “It’s uncanny. It’s almost like naked women can literally get away with just about anything they want with men.”

For the experiment, researchers sent male volunteers across the university campus and city to test the theory that women, sans clothing, are considered much smarter and wiser than they otherwise would be if they were dressed.

In one case, a male volunteer purchased a multimillion-dollar estate near Los Angeles for a local stripper who suggested it she would “make it worth his while.” In another, the male student volunteer bought a young topless co-ed a trip to the French Rivera for a year after she hinted that it was “the right thing” for him to do.

“No doubt about it, we believe we’re onto something here,” Speel continued. “It’ll take more study, but the initial results look promising.”

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