Tampa Bay Buccaneers to hire new assistant coach Will Welichik

TAMPA BAY — To assist veteran quarterback Tom Brady, who left the New England Patriots after 20 seasons, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to hire a new offensive coordinator, Will Wilichek.

Believed to have last worked for a team in the AFC East, Wilichek nevertheless brings with him a stellar record.

“Yeah, it’s an honor to be here,” Wilichek — a coach of few words — told us. “We’re on to Tampa Bay.”

The hoodie-clad Wilichek indicated that he knows exactly what Brady needs in terms of an offensive scheme to make him as successful with his new team as he was with the Patriots.

Asked if he was ready to go with the installation of that new scheme for Brady, Wilichek said, “Yeah.”

“All teed up,” he added, confidently.

“Tom is a special talent. We’ll do good things to together. I believe that, and obviously so do the owners of the Bucs,” he continued.

But will the combo of Brady and Wilichek be enough to win Super Bowls in Tampa Bay? That remains to be seen.

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