Americans turning to dog groomers as hair stylists shut their doors during crisis

HOBOKEN, N.J. — When Tommy Tinsworthy wanted to get his hair cut this week he discovered that his normal stylist had closed her doors to self-isolate during the virus crisis.

But he wasn’t out of luck. He turned instead to his regular dog groomer, and when it was all said done, Tinsworthy was very happy with the change.

“I think it looks great,” he said of his new ‘Poodle Doo,’ a style that he normally reserves for his pet canine FiFi. “I would’ve never done this if it hadn’t been for the national emergency, you know, so, thank goodness for a little virus once in a while, eh?”

Tinsworthy said his friends whom he still Skypes are really “digging” the new doo.

“Oh yeah, man, all my bros are gonna hit up my dog groomer now,” he said. “They got to have the ‘Tinsworthy look’ now,” he added with a chuckle.

Asked if he thinks that the new Poodle Doo is going to catch on nationwide, Tinsworthy said he saw no reason why it shouldn’t.

“I think we’ve stumbled onto something that’s going to change American culture, man,” he said. “Like, this doo is gonna become an icon or something, man. It’s gonna be the next big thing.”

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